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This is a behind the scenes look at what goes into making a phat thunder butt! These asses don’t get round and massive on their own, even for thick black girls like this one. She has to go to the gym and workout her butt muscles until they grow bigger and can support the phatness!

Brazilian Girl Got Bubble Butt Implants

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Now this Brazilian chick obviously has butt implants but some guys don’t care they just want a big ass! It’s crazy what some girls will do to get a bubble butt because they know the fellas go wild for girls packing big curves! Girls from Brazil probably have a lot of pressure because their are so many walking around with big asses in thongs!

Trailer Trash Blond Girl With Phat White Ass

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Nothing feels better than getting a lap dance from a thick Latina when she rubs the mounds of her big butt against your cock it makes you want to explode in your pants! Grabbing a hold of thick thighs while feeling booty meat tease your growing bulge is a awesome sensation!

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